About Us

rm biomed
Rm and Biomed is an international company with the main goal to take healthcare one step forward with innovative diagnostic tests the therapeutic approaches in all diseases.  Rm stands for Reproductive medicine and biomed for biomedical technology in terms of modern therapeutic technologies that can assist individuals based on their personal diagnostic tests.

Rm and Biomed consists of European and American scientists, who developed specific diagnostic tests for couples with infertility problems, rapid spontaneous abortions (RSAs), and failed IVFs.  This scientific team also developed natural products or devices with no side effects for individual treatment according to the diagnostic tests. This is the modern personalized medicine, which can enable to transform clinical practice and has been the subject of much discussion and hype over the last decade. 

Rm and Biomed will be innovative in the personalized healthcare providing perspectives on winning strategies for all players (individuals, patients, doctors, clinics, health professionals, heath companies). By individual consultations to simple individuals, international seminars to distribution companies in their countries, Rm and Biomed can put the scientific mark for the health benefit in a certain society. These seminars are free of charge for qualified professional-distributors, which constitute our course of Natural Regulating Physiology.

Rm and Biomed will be increasing the diagnostic tests and therapeutic approaches constantly and will be spreading the quality of healthcare internationally through distributors who must have the corresponding knowledge, moral and vision to move one step forward.

Rm and Biomed has the vision to be one of the leading companies in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach by regulating the physiology of the individuals using mostly natural paths. The company has the enthusiastic and ambitious scientists to attain its goals, which are based only for the benefit of human healthcare.