Consultation Services

The consultation services is a very important service from the company to assist different categories that may be interested in order to save money and time.

Consultation for couples

A very important service involving couples that suffer from infertility, RSAs (recurrent spontaneous abortions), and failed IVFs. The interesting couples can communicate either by email or skype in order to give their medical status, any diagnostic tests and so on. Then one from our professional doctors or professors will advice them what tests they need to perform and even the therapeutic approach in order to account for their issues.  By this way, couples will know the reasons why they can’t have a baby and they will know what to do and when to do so economically, without spending money carelessly. 

Consultation for patients 

Another very important service that involves any kind of patient or to people that they want to prevent themselves for diseases.  Again, expert professionals and professors can assist in diagnostic tests and therapeutic protocols that can maintain their health status. Even, for chronic diseases that there is no therapy, an individual scientific approach can still keep their physiology status stable so they can fight again these chronic symptoms. 

Consultation for distributors 

A significant assistance for potential distributors offered after their training in the diagnostic part. Then, they will be expert enough to use our professional product formulas in order to help their customers for their country’s necessities for superior healthcare with no side effects. Our professional team will be in touch with them and is ready to face and promote the innovation of natural regulating physiology at any destination worldwide.