Dietary Supplements Information

The formulas designed for targeted individual necessities are of highest quality containing the finest raw materials, and manufactured in qualified labs with the strictest guidelines and certification analysis. This certificate ensures that our vitamins and minerals meet specific potency and quality guidelines. The formulas are free of gluten, soy, wheat, whey and yeast. Also, they are uniquely formulated in order to provide maximum absorption and metabolic utilization with minimum supplementation. This is accomplished by the recognition and understanding of complex synergistic and antagonistic nutritional interrelationships, and then applying this knowledge in formulating appropriate products. 

The benefit for these products is that they can be taken according to the symptoms of an individual or according to the diagnostic result based on methodologies as flow cytometry and hair tissue analysis for detection of minerals and heavy metals in the organism. According to the diagnosis, our scientific team can advice you which supplements someone must take and by this way can regulate their own physiology status.

The products contain chelated minerals and even glandular nutritional products.

Chelated Minerals

Organic chelation is the natural process of building an amino acid, peptide, or polypeptide fence around a specific metal so that it is available for absorption and utilization within the body.There is a considerable difference between chelated minerals and inorganic minerals. Chelated minerals consist of a mineral attached to an amino acid to assure better absorption than is possible with inorganic minerals. Minerals attached to orotic acid (a nucleic acid) are known as orotates and as such are more easily transported across the cell membrane and into the cell.

Chelation Functions In The Following Ways:

  1. Food digestion, absorption and assimilation.
  2. Formation and control of numerous body enzyme systems.
  3. Synthesis of hormones.
  4. Reduction of damage resulting from toxic substances.
  5. Movement of vitamins, hormones, minerals and other nutrients to required tissues and organs.
  6. Regulates interrelated functioning of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, etc. in the body’s cellular metabolic processes.

All metabolic systems of the body using metals require organic chelated or complexed metals.

All mineral chelates, gluconates, sulfates, etc., have different absorption potential.

Glandular Nutrient Formulas

Most brands of glandular products are freeze-dried tablets or capsules containing defatted organs, glands or other tissues from bovine or porcine sources. There are several other processes to produce glandulars. They can be formed with a salt extraction process or prepared in a homeopathic form. A few companies use neonatal glands – glands from very young animals.

Why are Glandulars Recommended?

Two thousand years ago, the great physician Hippocrates stated (and I paraphrase), “If a person has a weak liver, give liver. For weak kidneys, give kidney”. The principle was known long ago that giving the organ or gland from another animal can strengthen and support the function of that organ in the human. Using animal glands for healing is part of many medical systems worldwide. Exactly how glandular products work is not absolutely clear. Perhaps they provide nucleoproteins that nourish the target organ. Or there may be a vibrational resonance or similar phenomenon that helps to rebuild and regenerate the target tissue. Perhaps other mechanisms are also at work.In practice, we know that the glandular products may be very helpful to assist the functioning and regeneration of the body.

Cautions with Glandulars

By law, glandulars must not contain hormones such as cortisone in adrenal glandular, or thyroid hormone in thyroid glandular. Despite this requirement, at times one may feel an effect as though the product contained the active hormone. The reasons for this are not clear. Also, glandulars are safe and may be taken for an extended period of time. Some people need them for only a short while, while others may need them for years. In addition, taking hormones such as insulin, estrogen or progesterone may inhibit the body’s natural hormone production. Glandular products do not contain hormones and are designed to enhance, not inhibit the body’s natural hormone production.