Energetic Physiology Products Information

NLS bioresonance devices

It includes medical devices without side effects that use the natural human electromagnetic frequencies for diagnostic purposes individually and to regulate the human physiology and prevent from any diseases. All devices do not need any additional certification because of the fact that it is a pre-clinical diagnostic device that can be used by any doctor or professional in health. There is also full service and training for most healthcare professionals.

Also, it includes different categories of devices depending on what and how a certain diagnostic can be achieved. The hardware-software complex is designed for bioresonance testing of a human body and projective bioresonance correction of a problem part of a body (an organ). Thus it is important to remember that the primary goal of the device is diagnostics, not treatment.

Bioresonance testing is based on the comparative analysis of the standards recorded in the program database with those signals which are received by the device from the body of the person..

These devices are used only for carrying out psychophysical researches. The equipments do not refer to the class of medical devices and does not require registration in the commission on certification and licensing of medical activity.

Energetic Physiology Products

The first category includes 3 devices using the Non-linear scanner bioresonance technology.

A)NLS Device regular, B)NLS Device advanced, and C)NLS Device Pro.

General characteristics of the NLS bioresonance devices

A)NLS Device regular. The simplest and most reliable model, no nonsense, just what you need for a basic work with the patient.

B)NLS Device advanced. More advanced, has a large database, and defines in more detail the diagnoses. This is the most practical and popular model.

C)NLS Device Pro.The most expensive and the most tricked out. Has the largest database

For real practical work is not important, what device is best. Diagnostic accuracy of all about the same, high, up to 85-98%. Devices differ in appearance, interface, software, processors, features etc.

Detailed description of the devices

A)NLS Device regular

  1. Accurate diagnoses of all organs and systems of the body;
  2. The list of diseases in the risk of development – the initial changes are present at the cellular level, but expressed no functional violations and complaints from patients.
  3. The list of pathogens present on the organs and systems (viruses, parasites, protozoa, bacteria, etc.);
  4. Color printing on paper affected organs and systems, including cellular and chromosomal level;
  5. The list of allergens, harmful to the patient;
  6. Individually equipment selects an effective treatment, which will give the maximum positive effect.
  7. Makes instant energy treatment of any disease with the help of Meta-therapy.


  • Multivariate analysis system and organ homeostasis
  • Identify the disease, present in the body and possible causes of their occurrence.
  • Detect the disease at the stage of risk.
  • Assess the biological activity of microorganisms.
  • Non-invasive method of analysis: analysis of micro organism (viruses, bacteria, parasites).
  • Analyze hereditary predisposition.
  • Identify allergens and their causes.
  • Characterize changes in the organs – functional or organic.
  • Define the acid-alkaline balance in the tissues.
  • Allows you to select individual treatment and to determine individual effective dose of drugs through the admission test dose medicines in a special cell apparatus.
  • The diagnosis solve all the problems of weight, including to designate any of the courses offered drugs and identify the organism reactions to these drugs even before they were admitted.


The principle of operation is based on how each process, which occurs in the body has its own specific electromagnetic properties. These characteristics can be measured. In diseases such characteristics are changing. Under the scheme of studies, according to the study body (groups of) the program adjusts the device to the frequency of the electromagnetic pulse of the body. These pulses are removed from the brain sample, the effect is not provided.

Any pathological processes, every agent, every deviation from the norm are unique, strictly defined energy spectrum. The database machine models made by all pathological processes. In the survey, we release the body to a large collection of the electromagnetic spectrum, carries full details of all processes in the body.

Staff compares the electromagnetic spectrum organism with a set of benchmarks in its database, and if the coincidence of any of the scales with the benchmark is a phenomenon bioresonance and the unit captures the process.

It closely resembles the process of defining products in a supermarket at their bar codes. So the bar code – is somewhere in the likeness of the electromagnetic spectrum in any process in the body.


  1. Collection of information (15-30 min.) of the organs and systems;
  2. Processing of information received specialist;
  3. The doctor gives a patient a written opinion on the state of his health with color printouts of the state organs and systems;
  4. Individual selection of drugs, testing them for performance and portability to the body, determine the most effective dose receiving drugs by testing them in a special chamber device. Equipment OBERON automatically selects the medicine for the patient. The database recorded many drugs companies – manufacturers of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medicines, phytopreparations, biologically active food additives. In addition, you yourself can make bioenergetic characteristics of any drug in the database system, by placing it in magnetooptical external camera, which is supplied.


  1. Doctors – for private practice
  2. Medical centers – as major or additional equipment to survey  
  3. Distributors of food additives.
  4. The manufacturers of cosmetics, foodstuffs, other medicines – for evaluation and selection of optimal composition of its product.
  5. Beauty salons, health centers – for additional business related to their main activity.
  6. The most important group – to open a new turnkey business «turnkey», so customers we offer assistance in opening a diagnostic cabinet, using our successful model of our equipment.

B)NLS Device advanced

Energetic PhysiologyThe hardware-software of the device is designed for bioresonance testing of a human body and projective bioresonance correction of a problem part of a body (an organ). Thus it is important to remember that the primary goal of the device is diagnostics, not treatment.

Bioresonance testing is based on the comparative analysis of the standards recorded in the program database with those signals which are received by the device from the body of the person.

This device is used only for carrying out psychophysical researches. The equipment does not refer to the class of medical devices and does not require registration in the commission on certification and licensing of medical activity.

It allows:

  1. to receive quality estimation of a functional condition of an organism;
  2. to check efficiency and results of realisation of various methods of therapeutic intervention;
  3. to evaluate adaptive abilities of an organism;
  4. to carry out the analysis of dynamic changes of a functional condition of an organism during treatment;
  5. to determine primacy of the centre of functional disturbances;
  6. to evaluate character of a pathology, using expert systems;
  7. to evaluate homeostasis key parameters.

Advantages of the device:

  1. Low level of power consumption
  2. Low noise level
  3. The strong case
  4. Convenience of use, thanks to wireless technology from Philips
  5. Safety in use – the device does hardly have contra-indications
  6. Research split-hair accuracy (more than 80 %)
  7. High speed of conducted researches
  8. Safety for environment – it is produced of only non-polluting, recyclable raw materials
  9. It is completely tested and ready to use
  10. The delivery complete set includes disposable covers for ear-phones, in quantity of 60 pieces (at cost of complete diagnostics on device The device and similar by a principle of action devices in 50 euros for a session, 60 pieces are enough for 100 % of a recoupment of the device), produced of specially developed nonwoven medical material which has following functions:
    – Does not distort accuracy of research
    – Is non-allergic
    – Does not accumulate static electricity

The device primarily performs 4 functions:

  1. Analyze

The Device analyzes organs, tissue and cells in the human body based on their degree of entropy: currently with over 800 organs, cross-sections and structures, and secondary ultrastructure targets.

Users select the targets to be analyzed manually or automatically, by system or not.

  1. Measure

Using highly complex calculations, the device measures the spectrum similarities between organs, tissue, cells, etc., and the etalons stored in the data base (organic preparations, pathomorphology, homeopathy, etc.).

The device performs:

  • A topical measurement of the level of adjustment of organs, tissue and cells using specific pictograms that appear on the image (Weber-Fechner scale)
  • The degree of entropy in the pathology and biochemical homeostasis using charts and frequency curves
  • Identification of parasites, bacteria, allergens, etc. that impair the body’s proper functioning
  • Virtual entropy tables based on numerous parameters and scenarios.
  1. Correction
  2. a) Energy rebalancing through Meta-resonance

If an organ, tissue or cell deviates from its specific “healthy” frequency spectrum, the device can “re-inform” it and thus restore its own specific resonance identity. To do so, the device emits amplified frequency information according to the element to be corrected or rebalanced: the result is an auto-reaction and auto-adjustment.

Meta resonance is informative, gentle and unrestrictive, respecting the uniqueness and resonance specificity of the living body.

  1. b) Emits frequency corrections via re-information

Through its interface, the device can:

  • Directly re-inform the organic targets in the human body using data base spectrum frequencies stored on the computer
  • Re-inform the patient concerning the vibratory signatures of a plant, homeopathic product, nutrients, etc.

Print these frequencies on a medium of choice: water, alcohol, granules, ointment, thus extending the frequency treatment until the next balance

  1. Evaluation
  2. a) Evaluation and control of remedy effectiveness

Allowing the most appropriate choice for each patient. This function, called the “vegeto-test” is performed by comparing the signals emitted by the products to the signals emitted by the body in which disturbances have been detected.

The comparison is performed using two sources:

1) The vast data base of the signals for these substances stored on the computer and

2) Any sample inserted in the resonance chamber, which performs tests instantly and with remarkable reliability.

  1. b) Evaluation of the Meta-resonance corrections performed.
  2. c) Evaluation of the effects of one or more therapeutic sessions

For all fields of professional practice: chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy and any other specialty by measuring the organ before and after the treatment session(s).

  1. d) Monitoring of changes, different results and entropy levels in the patient’s terrain methodically and accurately.

The basic features of device this device:

  1. The device is non-allergic
  2. High reliability of the device
  3. The goods are provided with the European certificate
  4. Convenient case for storage and transfer
  5. 3 year warranty

It can be used for doctors, most health professionals, health resorts and even for medical tourism.

C)NLS Device Pro

Data processing device series PRO are designed for computer simulation of the various states of different biological structures. This equipment allows spending modelling of the earliest forms of diseases, to reveal predisposition to diseases. The systems of nonlinear diagnostics based on the spectral analysis of magnetic fields of alive organisms give a fine opportunity to receive the fullest information about a state of health at the initial stages of occurrence of diseases.

These diagnostic systems are unique also because they can appoint itself optimum treatment to any disease. When you spend computer comparison on spectral characteristics of corresponding sick bodies, the computer simultaneously make comparison with all available in memory spectral characteristics of medical preparations, and systems NLS Device Pro series at the same time reveal the most effective means for each concrete disease.

The work of devices is reduced to revealing a divergence of an entrance/target signal on the certain frequencies, individual for each body depending on the sex and age of the patient, and the program entering into a complex, selects the most similar standards of this or that process. Naturally, accuracy of measurement depends on quality of the equipment, and accuracy of classification of process proceeded in an organism depends on conformity of data received by the equipment with statistical given (standards). The doctor, who does the diagnostic, is responsible for the correct reading of the data and for right statement of the exact diagnosis.

Description: It completely corresponds to all requirements shown to the radio-frequency equipment, requirements on fire-security and an electro-security.

Technical performance:

Generator carrier frequency/average time of picture scanning


4,9 HHz/ 20 sec.

Incoming signal filter


Resonance chamber (Writing/Reading)


Anatomic structures


Histological virtual models


Cytological and genetic structures


Energetic Physiology 2

The apparatus enables:

  • to investigate deeper levels of the organ (anatomic structures, cytological and genetic structures);
  • to test the acupuncture points of human body;
  • to judge the process of disintegration of some biological structures, and to make prognosis, by comparing the range of colors of the marks (placed upon the picture) and their arrangement on the computer model of the organ, using the dynamics of their change over a period of time.
  • to get a qualitative evaluation of the functional state of the body in terms of topical analysis;
  • to check the effectiveness and effects of different methods employed to influence the body;
  • to assess the adaptive abilities of human body;
  • to make an analysis of the dynamics of change in the functional state of the body in the course of treatment;
  • to reveal the primary nature of the nudes of functional disturbance;
  • to define the character of a pathology using expert systems;
  • to record the frequency fluctuations of any preparation.

The apparatus is designed to operate with IBM-compatible computer. The software – Multiscreening Ultra