Natural Regulating Physiology (NRP)

The international course of Natural Regulating Physiology is composed in order to assist all health professionals (doctors, naturopaths, reflexologists, homeopaths, biologists, etc,). This course is designed in a remarkable manner to cover the gaps and inefficiency of parameters such as early diagnosis, prevention, therapeutic protocols without any side effects and others. Also factors such as electromagnetic stress and geopathic stress that affect our healthcare have never been considered in the diagnostic and therapeutic strategic method from the doctor.

This course includes the following as an outline:

  • Introduction to Natural Regulating Physiology (definition)
  • Diagnostic techniques-methodologies
  • Detoxification principles-for all systems of the body
  • The interaction of N.E.I.P system (neuro-endocrine-immune-phycosomatic)
  • and homeostasis in NRP
  • The concept of the therapeutic triangle
  • Detoxification-regulation of N.E.I.P and targeted therapy
  • Strategic plans for energetic medicine
  • The role of NRP in reproductive medicine
  • The role of dietary supplements in NRP
  • The role of homeopathic complex supplements in NRP
  • The role of Herbs extracts in NRP
  • Therapeutic protocols for autoimmune diseases
  • Therapeutic protocols for Cancer
  • Therapeutic protocols for reproductive medicine
  • Therapeutic protocols for other diseases
  • Vision and future for NRP