Rm Multivitamin Mineral


This original multi-nutrient formula designed to provide highly specific nutritional support for the parasympathetic dominant individual. It contains organic mineral chelates, pure vitamins, lyophilized glandular concentrates and other complementary nutritional factors are synergistically combined to maximize intestinal absorption and metabolic utilization. 

Today, the organism receives daily many stressors (exogenic or endogenic) that normally provoke a specific reaction of the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems, termed sympathetic and parasympathetic, which in turn will increase or decrease certain nutritional requirements. Because of these factors, the organism by using this formulation of dietary supplement can regulate the individual’s physiology and the daily metabolic needs.

This formula provides also glandulars and essential nutrients for slow metabolizers. It is important to stress the synergy of the nutrients in this formula, which will improve significantly the regulation of the N.E.I.P (neuro-endocrine-immune psychological system), and the detoxification pathways, which is very important for targeted individual therapies.

This formula is a brand of glandular products, which are freeze-dried tablets or capsules containing defatted organs, glands or other tissues from bovine or porcine sources. There are several other processes to produce glandulars. They can be formed with a salt extraction process or prepared in a homeopathic form. A few companies use neonatal glands – glands from very young animals. In the freeze-dried method, the raw material is collected from animals inspected before and after death in government-inspected facilities. Some come from the United States, but the material is often imported as well. 

The material is shipped to the laboratory in a frozen form. There it is first ground in a meat grinder. It is laid on stainless steel trays and stored in a freezer until it is hard frozen. The trays are then loaded into a freeze dryer. This device creates a vacuum and applies low heat to remove most the water from the product.

In 2-3 days, the water content is reduced to less than 6%. The freeze-dried product is then defatted and ground to a fine powder. Several batches may be blended to produce the final product. This is statistically sampled for any chemical or bacterial contamination before it is released for sale.

This Formula Also Contains Chelated Minerals

Organic chelation is the natural process of building an amino acid, peptide, or polypeptide fence around a specific metal so that it is available for absorption and utilization within the body. There is a considerable difference between chelated minerals and inorganic minerals. Chelated minerals consist of a mineral attached to an amino acid to assure better absorption than is possible with inorganic minerals.

Minerals attached to orotic acid (a nucleic acid) are known as orotates and as such are more easily transported across the cell membrane and into the cell. 

The same holds true for mineral aspartates which consist of various minerals attached to aspartic acid (an amino acid) which is known to be involved in energy production within the cell itself.

Chelation functions in the following ways:

  1. Food digestion, absorption and assimilation.
  2. Formation and control of numerous body enzyme systems.
  3. Synthesis of hormones.
  4. Reduction of damage resulting from toxic substances.
  5. Movement of vitamins, hormones, minerals and other nutrients to required tissues and organs.
  6. Regulates interrelated functioning of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, etc. in the body’s cellular metabolic processes.

All metabolic systems of the body using metals require organic chelated or complexed metals.

All mineral chelates, gluconates, sulfates, etc., have different absorption potential.